03 Organic PureYellow

03 Organic PureYellow

Organic PurYellow is a Organic cocoa butter color in the purest and most intense form, hence the name "Pure".

Our recommendation:

Depending on individual application and desired color intensity, can be diluted with additional cocoa butter.


  • For coloring

    • White chocolate

    • Roll fondant

    • Liquid fondant

    • Marzipan

    • Ice cream

  • AirBrush: Processing temperature from 33°C

  • For making up directly on the surface or in casting molds

    • of chocolate products of all kinds

    • of confectionery products with all kinds of fat cream

Decisive quality criteria for purchase

  • High color intensity

  • Absolute color stability - no fading!

  • Tasteless

  • Perfect shine

  • Natural - 100% organic

  • Coloring food

  • No E - numbers

  • Easy processing

  • Sustainable for people and nature