The world innovation in food styling

ceresAlpin has created the world's first Organic cocoa butter colors from renewable plants.

without titanium dioxide - without E-numbers - free from chemical and synthetic additives - natural - sustainable

BIO PurFarben from ceresAlpin

Intense. Stable. Shiny. Natural. Sustainable.

Organic coverColors from ceresAlpin

Excellent on dark chocolate coating!

Intense. Stable. Shiny. Natural. Sustainable.

Made by professionals for professionals

Quality criteria that convince professionals

  • High color intensity
  • Absolute color stability-no fading!
  • Perfect shine
  • Tasteless
  • Natural - 100% organic
  • Coloring food
  • No E - numbers
  • Easy processing
  • Sustainable for people and nature

This is what excellent
chocolatiers say about our Organic cocoa butter colors

"I recently used ceresAlpin Organic Cocoa Butter Colors for a chocolate spray glaze, a chocolate mirror glaze, and to make up chocolates. The results were perfect: great color rendering, sensational shine."

Matthias Mittermeier
Mâitre-Pâtissier and Chocolatier

Our mission

Our mission is to provide the best product solutions to our customers.

This is connected with our unrestricted customer orientation. Our motivation for this stems from our ability to do something meaningful for our customers.
We draw the strength for this from our passion and the will to be able to make a meaningful contribution for our customers and for our environment.
Sustainability, as a central motif, determines our thoughts and actions. We define sustainability in six rules.

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